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Normandy Estates

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NEIA and NEMRD--Partners at Normandy Estates
Posted on Apr 11th, 2017

Normandy Estates residents are fortunate to have two groups that serve us and provide community enrichment.  The following is a brief explanation of the two groups:
NEIA (Normandy Estates Improvement association) is what is typically called Normandy’s homeowner’s association (HOA).  All Normandy homeowners are members of NEIA.  Dues (now $70 a year) are collected during the month of May.  The NEIA board promotes good appearance in the neighborhood, supports special services like the community garage sale, supports covenant/rule enforcement, publishes a newsletter and directory, and promotes social activities to encourage a sense of community.  For more information go to the NEIA website at or contact a board member.
NEMRD (Normandy Estates Metropolitan Recreation District) is a separate entity from NEIA. NEMRD is a special district funded in part by a mill levy on homes in the neighborhood, as well as through rentals and pool membership fees.  NEMRD board members are Normandy residents who volunteer to manage all recreation district operations. The recreation district consists of 5 acres located at 5380 W. Coal Mine Avenue, as well as the Normandy Estates entryway.  Amenities include a clubhouse, swimming pool, 2 outdoor pavilions, 2 children’s playgrounds and 4 tennis courts.  Membership runs from May 1 each year through April 30th of the next calendar year, and the pool is open to the public for a walk-up fee.  Members and nonmembers can rent the pool, clubhouse, and tennis courts.  Membership includes activities such as BBQ’s, member family nights, and a member pizza night.  For more information visit the Recreation District Website at or contact a board member.
Explanation provided by Carol Vogel
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