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Normandy Estates

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Normandy Estates Facebook Page
Posted on Apr 20th, 2017

Please join us on Facebook
There is a Facebook group for Normandy Estates residents. It's a forum for residents to share common interests, express opinions, post photos, and share ideas related to the Normandy Estates community. The group is limited to Normandy Estates residents and requires administrative approval prior to joining.

A resident must be a Facebook member to join the chat group.
To join the chat group page enter Normandy Estates Group-Littleton, CO on your Facebook search or enter the following link:
Click on join, and once you receive administrative approval, you are ready to chat!
Note:  Normandy Estates also has a public facebook page.  To access the public page enter Normandy Estates – Littleton on your facebook search or enter the following link:
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