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Normandy Estates
Seller Disclosures

If you are selling your house, below is a quick overview of the documents and information you are required to supply your potential buyer, along with a link to the necessary documents.
1.   Colorado Statute 38-33.3-223 provides that a seller has the responsibility at the seller’s expense to mail or deliver personally to the buyer copies of the most current version of the following documents. 
      A.   The association’s bylaws and rules.
      B.   The association’s declaration.  (Note: see item C.)
      C.   The association’s covenants.  (Note: the Declarations and Covenants are what NEIA calls the Protective and Restrictive Covenants.)
      D.   Any party wall agreements.  (Note: none exist for NEIA.)
      E.   Minutes of the most recent annual members’ meeting and of any board meetings held within the six months preceding the title deadline.  (Minutes are contained within monthly Newsletters.)
      F.   The association’s operating budget.   (Note: see item G.)
      G.   The association’s annual income and expenditures statement.  (Note:  The NEIA Statement of Revenue and Expense incorporates the operating budget, as well as the annual income and expenditure statement.)
     H.   The association’s funds statement in lieu of a balance sheet.
2.   This requirement is MANDATORY for all homeowners selling property located in Normandy Estates.
3.   To the best of its ability NEIA policy is to assist members to comply with this statute.  
Additionally, here is the specific legal filing information for NEIA: 
"Normandy Estates Improvement Association Protective and Restrictive Covenants and Homeowner's Responsibilities and Rules are filed with the Arapahoe County Clerk, Book 1133, Page 197 and Jefferson County Clerk, Book 1153, Page 140 thru 146; Book 1160, Page 337-338 and Book 1180, Page 271 thru 274."
Annual dues cover the period from April 1 through March 31.  
Dues payable for 2018/2019 are $70.   
Please note our Bylaws & Covenants are contained within our Governing Documents.  
To access all disclosure documents click here